Forests, the heart of a green economy

This was my first project working for the United Nations and one of the most interesting projects I have been involved with.

Shot in Panama, Ecuador, Paraguay, Indonesia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the film investigates how forests provide livelihoods for up to 1 billion people and contribute trillions of USD to the global economy through products and services.

And yet in some regions, deforestation continues unabated, with not just disastrous consequences for forest ecosystems but an enormous loss of natural capital and a challenge to the way of life to communities who are also guardians of the forests.

This film examines how the UN-REDD Programme is helping to reduce forest emissions and enhance carbon stocks in forests while contributing to national sustainable development and protecting the rights of those who rely on the forests.

Looking at case studies in each country, alternatives to the ‘business as usual’ mentality are explored as to how alternative paths may deliver on livelihood, biodiversity and climate change agendas simultaneously.

United Nations Environment Programme
Panama, Paraguay, Ecuador, Indonesia, The Democratic Republic of the Congo
REDD+, Forests, Indigenous communities, SDG15

Client feedback

I can’t thank Toby for all his professionalism, creativity and immense patience all along the way of this film, it’s been such a pleasure working with him. I have never been as proud of the end result of any of our other films before, and it will really impress policy makers and key stakeholders in the industry.

Isabelle Pierrard
Communications Lead, REDD+, UN Environment